We may understand “Being as such” in a predominantly Aristotelian manner, that is, as the ultimate “third term” (to put it crudely). In monotheist metaphysics, this ultimate “Being” is “God”, although due to the nature of such inquiries, it is often denied that this is an entity…
Apophaticism, Ancestor Worship, and Digital Gods
Insofar the “potency” of this “existentiation” is considered periphery to centre (i.e. in its activity of unification), it is called “Infinity” or…
A Review of "The Way of the Gods"
The best part of life, I'm with you For forever ever even if it ends And the best part of life, I'm with you For forever ever, then we re-begin. SAINt…
“Lucifer” names a God, and in such a naming, we have a revelation, and in that revelation is a salvation proper to the God in question. The God is not…
“The realization that there are many religions is far from banal. The recognition of religious alterity is an event that mobilized Western thinking…
A Theology
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Leaves in the Wind
Leaves in the Wind
David Bentley Hart
A Perennial Digression
A Perennial Digression
David Armstrong
Antonio Vargas
Petter Hubner 🌻

A Play of Masks